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Custom manufacture

Custom manufacture

In addition to the catalogue program we also offer custom manufacturing of parts according to project documentation. PROJECT - we work out the project according to the request of our customers from the design and technology to the production and assembling, including heating proceses and surface treatment, which we ensure in cooperation.

Added value is assembling produced parts, including purchased items, manually or on the assemling line.



Series: from hundreds of pieces to millions doses


Main machined materials: brass, free-cutting steel, aluminium, stainless steel

                                          - diameter 5 - 53 mm or max. OK 46mm.


Manufacturing machinery: 6-spindle, 8-spindle Automatic Lathes, CNC and CNC Swiss-type Lathes, Wolf - rotary table transfer machine -coil material, finishing machines.


Examples of parts manufactured for the automotive industry: pistons and other components for brake systems, housing for electronic measuring sensors, wiper shafts, gear cogs, connecting parts for hydraulic and pneumatic distribution systems, components for starters and alternators