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HYDRAP, spol. s r.o.

 HYDRAP spol. s.r.o. is a Czech medium-sized company. We manufacture and supply rotary parts created according to project documentation for the automotive, gas, sanitary, water and heat industries and a wide range of fittings for machine engineering based on a catalogue for hydraulic and pneumatic distribution systems. Our products are manufactured and tested in medium and large series on multi-spindle, CNC and finishing machines with high accuracy.

The quality management system ISO 9001,  IATF 16 949 and the environmental management system ISO 14001are implemented throughout the whole company.

Company vision
Being  a stable, high quality and well-known supplier in the area of machine engineering and automotive industry.

General information
Number of employees: 90
Current ratio of custom manufacturing and catalogue program: 80% : 20%
Main processed materials: brass, free-cutting steel, aluminium
Machined diameter: 5-42 mm
Series: 10.000 - 6.000 000 pcs
Manufacturing machinery: 6-spindle, 1-spindle, CNC and finishing machines
Surface finishing: yes, in cooperation
Delivery and transport: delivery service, external carrier, by customer himself

Company policy

 Prosperity: All company activities aim to reach long-term prosperity. The activities which do not bring any value or cause a loss aren't supported. All products will be produced in compliance with the appropriate specification, legal regulations and at the costs allowing creation of the profit.

 Involved parties (owners, customers, employees, suppliers, company): A prerequisite of success is to fully understand the needs and expectations of involved parties as well as to understand company context. All activities are aimed to satisfy the needs and expectations of involved parties.The goal is to deliver better products and provide better services to our customers than our competitors do.

 Law: Our common goal is to consider and fulfil all the activities in respect to the law in all aspects, not only in the field of quality, environment and occupational safety.Policy of company responsibility, anticorruption policy, code of behaviour of the employees and policy of pointing out a negative perceptions are in place.

 Management : Management system, which is certified by ISO 9001 and ISO/IATF 16949, is continuously extended and made more effective.

 Quality: The target is to reach occurrence of zero errors in all activities of the company.Low-quality products or services must not be handed over to customer in any case.  The cause of the nonconformities has to be analysed and removed forever.

 Suppliers: To meet the requirements for delivered products it is necessary to involve suppliers into new projects and into management of them.

 Environment and the workplace: Our products and services have to guarantee our environment-friendly attitude. The environmental management, which is in place, is used, recorded and maintained in compliance with ISO 14001. By using established procedures as effectively as possible, we use input materials and power, which allows us to decrease undesirable impact to environment by pollution as well as an impact on occupational safety. 

By prediction and suitable preparation we reduce the impact of possible risk (emergency situations) especially in the field of quality, environment and occupational safety.

Working environment has to enable maximum performance and satisfaction of the employees as well as corresponding occupational safety and health.

Mutual external information, between our company and the public, helps us with cooperation on projects, which leads to continuous improvement of the environment, occupational safety and image of the company and in relation to it,  leads to satisfaction of our customers.

Employees: All employees of our company are familiar with our suppliers and customers, and each of them is obliged to do the task precisely, in time and follow all the measures for improvement of the quality, decrease undesirable impact on environment and follow the  rules for occupational safety.

We develop personal relationship of every our employee to the company and its traditions.

Satisfied and positively motivated employees are fundamental conditions for first-class products and services.

Awareness of the employees of our company regarding to the quality, environment and occupational safety, is updated on regular trainings.


Improvement: Strict and regular measuring of the processes results reveals us possible ways for further improvements.

By continual improvement of all activities,  processes and products, teamwork and mutual support of all employees we would like to achieve following results:

returning satisfied customer, not defective product,

undesirable impact to environment is smaller than involved parties expect,

the result of daily work thanks to risk minimization is 0 accidents.

Improvement and preventive measures are better than subsequent corrective measures. By using preventive tools we are trying to reach 0 occurrence of the mistakes.

Part of created financial sources is used by the management of the company on programmes of improvement environmental protection in the premises of the company, occupational safety and satisfaction of involved parties.

Announcement of the company management: Management of the company undertakes to make maximum effort to create necessary conditions and resources to fulfill company policy and targets.

Revision 4: 14.12.2018